As a team, we believe that good communication is the key to a healthy and evolving culture.

We see 1on1s as one of the essential parts of building a close relationship with your team lead and to support your personal development in the best way possible.

During your onboarding and probation, you will have a lot of 1on1s with your team lead, which is already scheduled in your calendar:

  • 1st day - 60min
  • 1st week - 60min
  • 2nd week - 45min
  • 4th week - 45min
  • 8th week - 60min (1st probation evaluation)
  • 12th week - 60min
  • 16th week - 60min
  • 20th week - 90min (Final probation evaluation)
  • 24th week - 45min

After the probation, you and your team lead have to decide on the frequency.

1on1s are performed at least monthly.

For any more questions, please get in touch with your team lead and feel free to approach the People team to share your thoughts at any time to help us improve our team culture.

At the end of your probation, we will be sending you a survey to learn about your onboarding experience with us.

Learn more about it in our 1on1 workspace (private).

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