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Open Culture at Layer
Interview Process

Interview Process


Due to the current global situation of COVID-19, we are trying to do as much of our interview process remotely. We are always open to meet you in person if you are up for it.


Learn which feedback you can expect from us during the interview process: Rejection Feedback?

Tech & Product

Total time invest until offer: ˜7-10 hours

  1. Intro Chat with Florian, our Head of People & former developer 45-60 min
    • Get to know each other
    • Share insights about us and the position
    • Answer all of your questions
    • Check basic requirements for the role, salary expectation, expected start date, visa, etc.
    • Intro to the interview process & case study
  2. Team Lead Chat with Ernests (CTO) and/or Dave (CPO) + 1x team member 45-60 min
    • Intros (15 min)
    • Skill check (15 min)
    • Case Study Briefing (15-30 min)
      • Present how you want to approach the Case Study and which of the provided use case you want to work on
      • Q&A
  3. Case Study / Coding Challenge: 4-7 hours
    • Time to get your hands dirty 😃
    • 7 days to complete the challenge - in case you need more time, just let us know! We know it can be quite a challenge next to the daily workload.
  4. Case Study Debrief with Team Lead + 1-2x team members 60 min
    • Receive feedback on your case study No matter what the outcome is!
    • Q&A
    • Further tech discussion
  5. Founder Chat with Moritz or Constantin 30 min
    • Get to know the founders and ask them anything 🙂
  6. Offer Talk with Team Lead + Head of People 30min
    • Share offer details & contract
    • Q&A

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