Contract signed! What's next?

Contract signed! What's next?

Woohoo, we are so happy to call you one of us!

First, let's hand you a little joining gift. Things like that deserve to be celebrated 🍾

  • In case you are not local, we will hand it to you once you arrive!
  • You are remote with us? We will send it along with the original contracts πŸ™‚ πŸ“«

Onboarding A-Z

We catch you right after the signing and explain you everything about the onboarding process (in case you are not onsite, we jump on a call soon or meet in person if possible in the next days)

Select your hardware

Find out what kind of hardware you prefer to make sure it arrives on time. You can choose between MacBook Pro or Windows/Linux laptops, external keyboard, you preferred Keyboard layout and a mouse or trackpad, plus 1-2 external screens depending on your type of work and of course, anything else you need that is needed for your role.

Discuss relocation/visa process (if required):

  • Explain everything about the process
  • Connect you to our Relocation Expert
  • Discuss possible remote work during your visa process

Relocation & Visa Sponsorship & Life in Berlin & Tech Jobs

Introduction to Employee Stock Options Plan

  • Intro by our Founders
  • Signing of VSOP Allotment Agreements (separate contract, not included in work contract)

Employee Stock Options Plan (ESOP)

Pre-involvement and access to your accounts?

  • We agree how and from when you want to be involved already before the official start date
  • We are happy to provide you with interesting pre-onboarding information to start digging into your role subjects
  • We like to give you access to our systems and tools early on - just ask! So you can start exploring resources like code, designs work, our Notion Wiki or start bonding in Slack.
  • We also like to involve you in the interview process in case we are going to hire someone who will be working directly with you. We want to give both of you the chance to meet and feel the chemistry. And naturally, to have your opinion and expertise! Four eyes are better than two πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Any more questions?

Finally answer all remaining questions you might have regarding contract, ESOP, onboarding etc.πŸ™‚

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