Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

When do we get paid?

If you’re an employee: around the 28th of the month.

If you’re a freelancer: No later than 7 work days after handing in your invoice.

Please note that we can’t control how long it takes our bank and yours to forward the money.

How do I take holidays?

We are using Personio for this, where you can login with your company mail address and request holidays, which will be confirmed by your team lead.

Each employee gets 30 days of holidays per year (or the proportional equivalent if you don’t work 5 day weeks).

How do I hand in my business expenses?

Check out 🙂

What can I post on social media?

The more the merrier, as long as you have the consent of all depicted persons. But please make sure there is no confidential information visible on the photo … it’s easy to accidentally capture a sticky note with sensitive information in the background. When in doubt, please check with management first.

What if I’m late for a meeting?

A total no-go! Just joking .. ha-ha .. but let your team know on Slack beforehand and don't make it a habit.

What if I’m sick?

Most importantly: Get well soon and don't come to the office to infect others!

If you feel you are about to catch a cold consider working from home to get some rest.

Also, post in the #office Slack channel and add it on Personio. If you’re sick for two consecutive days, we need a certificate from a doctor (for legal/tax reasons).

Can I have visitors to the office?

Sure, always. We love to see new people!

Can I freely talk about my work to friends and family?

Of course, as long as it’s not confidential. When in doubt, clarify that first with your project manager when you join a project.

Can I host events at the office?

Want to do a yoga class, eat with friends, host a meetup or invite one of the meetups hosts to do their next meetup in the office?

Sure, but naturally we’d like to get an idea of who’s coming, so let’s talk about it and we’ll try to make it happen. If it helps us as a company, we’ll also support you with a budget and give you a hand.

I want to discuss my role/growth/progression!

Sure. 1on1s are the place to talk about this with your team lead. If it’s too urgent, inform your team lead. Check the Employee 1on1 Guide in Notion to learn more about our 1on1 culture!

What is the office language?

English is the common denominator and everyone is fairly fluent, but we’d love to see you try some German. Recommended, but not required. 😉

What kind of computers do we work on?

That's totally on you! Most of us are using a Macbook Pro + external screen.

I need something not listed here!

Whatever it is, just ask. We don’t bite! 🐶

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