Our kitchen

Our kitchen

If you’re in the office then by now you’re probably in need of some caffeine, or tea or a glass of water. All that can be found in the kitchen:

  • Coffee: At some point this wiki will contain instructions on how to use our coffee machine, but for now you’ll have to rely on your colleagues. Don’t worry, everyone is helpful and will give you a barista crash course, so you’ll slurp your first americano or cappuccino in no time. For those sensitive to milk: We have dairy and oat milk, just look in the fridge.
  • Tea: Coffee is not everyone’s cup of tea, so we have a large selection of teas in one of the kitchen cabinets, along with tea pots.
  • Water: We always have sparkling and still water in large quantities and they are to be found somewhere next to the entrance. Feel free to take them to your desk and stay hydrated!
  • Drinks: In the fridge, you’ll find fizzy juice concentrates to pimp up your water to a nice "Schorle". Do you prefer something else? Just talk to us!
  • Breakfast: There’s Müsli and fruits in the kitchen … help yourself!
  • Snacks: We have plenty of snacks to keep you going!
  • Beers: Yes, there should be some beers in the fridge as well - Kein Bier vor Vier right? 😂

Although the kitchen is cleaned every night, please try to keep it in a somewhat presentable condition. Freshly ground coffee has a tendency to end up all over the place … let’s try to prevent that, so that the next person finds the kitchen the way you did. That means cleaning up a little after yourself, putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher and generally keeping an open eye. We’re all adults, after all - most of the time!

You feel anything is missing in the kitchen? Talk to the People team 🙂

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