Our Rituals

Our Rituals


As a tribe we need rituals to grow and celebrate together. Once a while we worship our team spirits and meet in our lovely Berlin office for team gatherings. Still there is always an option to join remotely.

Team brunch (Monthly, Mondays, 9:30-10:30 am)

Every month we gather on a Monday morning to bond and kick-off a new chapter together. There is nothing better than a good coffee & chitchat to get started!


We do a team brunch for every new joinee!

All-hands on deck + Beers/Food (Monthly, Thursdays, 5 pm)

Once per month we gather on Thursday afternoons in a casual setting with drinks and snacks. Each team (leadership, product engineering, hr, business) presents what they are working on, sharing insights, challenges, and latest achievements.

We foster collaboration! Here we discuss new ideas, gather feedback, and make team decisions.

Often we stay longer, have some drinks, order food or go to one of the surrounding bars and restaurants 🍻

Team Retreat (2x Year)

Twice a year, the tribe leaves it's natural habitat of office chairs and laptops. And so it doesn't feel like we are in a rehab clinic for digital junkies, we do distract us with a big portion of real-world fun stuff. Like the class outings back in school, but just nice.

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