The Product Engineering Team

The Product Engineering Team

We are 16 people in the product engineering including the leadership. We’re an international, English-speaking team with people from all over the world including New Zealand, Finnland, India, Egypt, Poland, Serbia, Latvia, and Germany.

For us, the foundation of an evolving culture is based on openness, diversity, and the ability to adapt. We think that embracing our differences is an important ingredient for productivity, quality and growth. Our people are our most important asset. We treat each other with respect.

We believe in:

  • ✨ Owning what we do and getting it done
  • ✨ Outcome over output
  • ✨ Making mistakes 😇
  • ✨ Rewarding collaboration ahead of egos
  • ✨ Autonomy ahead of micro-management
  • ✨ Backing our decision-making with logic (Build > Measure > Learn)
  • ✨ Empowering everybody to grow in the direction they most desire

Our Product Mindset

Product and tech mean the same thing for us - we follow DDD principles, we use event storming and event modelling along with design thinking and agile UX process to concept and specify epics.

Teams are jointly led by our CTO and CPO. Everybody works side-by-side with the common goal of creating a valuable product. We don't create artificial working silos. Everybody brings in their special expertise as a product engineer, product designer or product owner.

We enable everybody to have end-to-end impact of the product.


Ernests (CTO) and David (CPO) are really product-driven. They have been working together since 2013 in different companies and setups, and have even been running their own UX / product consulting company before co-founding Layer.

From experience, they know how important it is for the success of any business that product and engineering are well aligned.

Team setup

  • 7x (Senior) Backend Engineers
  • 1x Frontend Engineer
  • 1x QA Engineer
  • 3x Product Designer (both, User Experience and User Interface)
  • 2x Technical Product Owner

Growth plans

By 2022, we are planning to grow to 55 people in total and create 4 dedicated cross-functional product engineering teams, split into the main components of our platform.

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