Remote work, Home Office & Workation

Remote work, Home Office & Workation

COVID-19 information: We want everybody to stay safe during the pandemic! Therefore we are mostly working from home and will provide the office equipment you need to make your home office experience as productive and enjoyable as possible. For those who prefer to come to the office, we do weekly fast-tests with a doctor coming onsite and results within 30 minutes. Our office is still big enough to respect the distance measures provided by the German Government.

We are not remote-first, but a very remote-friendly team.

Our team consists of on-site employees who benefit from our remote-friendly culture and some employees that are partly or even 100% remote.

100% Remote Positions

Some of our positions are intended to be remote. For example to have better access to talent or in case the role requires less interaction with team member.

Remote team members enjoy the same

, expect some that are legally not possible in case you are working abroad.

There is also a quarterly budget for people working fully remotely to fly-in to Berlin to work from our lovely office.

Check for remote positions here:


  • Timezone: If you like to work remotely with us you should be within +- 2 hours timezone from Berlin, Germany for your headquarters. Off course, if you travel from time to time it's o.k. to stretch this, but clarify it with your team first and make sure you can be there for the team activities
  • Legal status: In case you are living abroad and can't be legally employed with us, you need to:
    • register your own business as a freelancer or business owner
    • clarify your own tax
    • cover your own health insurance
Open Positions
are clearly labeled in our job portal. Please avoid applying for onsite positions, asking if remote is possible πŸ™ƒ

How does our remote-friendly culture look like?

We all value our freedom and at the same time love to be united under one roof and be creative together.

Autonomy over process. Whatever you do, be aware how it affects the people around you. Be a team player vs making self-centered decisions.

Here are some examples:

  • You want to be in the tunnel for 1-2 or more days to focus on getting a project done. Hell yeah! - But make sure you are not a blocker for someone else
  • You want to be in the office just a day per week, fine if it works for the rest of your team
  • You need to bring your kids to the Kindergarten or pick them up earlier - We have kids too :)
  • You want to spend time with your family in the morning and work longer into the evening - Sure thing, but make it to standups and inform the others about your status
  • You are waiting for important parcel delivery? Fine with us, but make sure to inform others who were expected you in the office. Alternatively, you can also have it delivered to the office or a Packstation
  • You are coming in later or leaving earlier for a Yoga class - go for it and share your Zen
  • You want to recharge your batteries during winter by spending some weeks or months in sunny Spain with friends or family? Go for it, but make sure to be 100% aligned with your team about potential implications and how to guarantee a smooth work experience for everybody
  • You feel you are getting a sick? Better work from home, relax, get better soon and don't infect the others (especially during Corona times)


Some people might be interested in extending their vacation with a period of remote-work, or to simply work from elsewhere once in a while, to visit family or have a change of scenery. It’s been done before and worked out fine.

If you’re planning something, please talk to your team early. There is no strict upper limit of workation per year, as we’d like to discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

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