Your 1st day

Your 1st day

Team breakfast

Alright, it’s your first day at Layer, how exciting! Yes, we know it's early, but we want you do be ahead of your first day.

Usually, that’ll be a Monday and if it's the right week, we will all start off with a team breakfast to give you a warm welcome to the team 🙂

Otherwise, your team and other free joiners will welcome you to our kitchen area to have a coffee or some of our free breakfast options together.

Office tour

Your team lead will show you around in the office and tell you everything you need to know. You will discuss how your first day will look like.

Settle in at your desk

Most likely Florian will show you where you’ll sit and stand, so get comfortable! (Yes everyone has a standing desk which is free adjustable in height with a press of a button!)

Open your Welcome Package 😇 Check out what your team has put together for you. We hope you like it!

🔑 Your office keys are included as well. Please sign the confirmation and hand it over to the People team.

Set up your computer & tools

Your laptop is empty, so you’ll spend some time setting it up. Make sure to encrypt your hard drive and to pick a strong password for your account. We don’t have or want admin access to your computer and we never install any spy or admin tools. Your computer is yours and you’re the only person with access.

Check the Welcome Letter or private email for your Google login credentials in case you haven't logged it yet. Make sure to use a secure password! 🕵🏽

Your inbox will be full of emails with instructions and invitations to many of our services … shared calendars, Slack, OpenTeam, Notion, GitHub, Figma etc. Take your time to set those up and when in doubt: check our Onboarding Notion space or ask your colleagues.

In case your need any additional software, just talk to your team lead (best before joining). We will pay if it makes sense and is not an SAP ERP license 😂

Check out:

Tools we use

Set up your email signature

Yes, we like to have consistent email signatures :) Check the last emails you got from your team lead or People team and copy it 😂

How about a little break?

Head over to the kitchen, grab a drink and connect with your colleagues... We know the first days are always intense. We will do our best to approach you and make it less awkward to connect with so many new souls.

Our kitchen

Time for a team lunch

Your team will come and grap you for a nice lunch (this one is on us!) and show you around the area

Explore some Slack channels

Slack is our virtual office and we have quite a few channels, some internal and some for projects. You’ve been added to some of them automatically, so take a look around and say hello! 👋

Check how we use Slack in Tools we use

Explore our Notion workspaces

We are on steroids when it comes to documenting things in Notion. Everything we can we also publish to everyone as you already know.

First day 1on1 with your team lead

Still got some energy? We can imagine and experienced ourselves that the first day at a new place is really intense. Before you head off into your well deserved Feierabend let's sit down and recap the day together with your team lead.

  • How was your first day?
  • Expectation: What management style are both of you used to? What both of you prefer?
  • Was everything clear to you?
  • Got any questions?
  • Do you need extra support with anything?
  • Decide on your first piece of work
  • And most importantly, let's take a look how the rest of the week will look like!
Check out the 1on1 Employee Guide

Feierabend 🍻

Congrats, you have completed your first day at Layer! How was it? We can imagine that it was quite intense, learning so many new things and meeting so many new faces.

Take a well deserved rest and see you tomorrow! ☺️

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